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General Overview: Miami Athletic Club (MAC) is a organization created to provide sporting activities and opportunities for young people, regardless of race, religion or economic status, in urban communities. MAC will design and implement youth soccer programs with academic and social standards that will develop young people into well rounded members of our community.  In addition to the programs that will take form throughout the United States, we will create a robust business plan that will be made available to other International communities.

Objectives: To increase participation in youth soccer and recreation programs in the Miami Dade and surrounding areas. Also, to increase youth access to health care and healthy lifestyle development.

Organization: Miami Athletic Club (MAC) is an organization committed to developing youth soccer for charitable and educational purposes without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin.

Mission: The mission of Miami Athletic Club is to provide a constant learning environment that develops soccer players from ages 3-20+ to their fullest athletic, educational, and social potential regardless of gender, physical abilities or background. This will be accomplished by providing holistic instruction and competitive opportunities that enhance character, sense of team, community and passion for the game of soccer.

Vision Statement: Miami Athletic Club (MAC) is an internationally recognized soccer organization delivering every player an optimal “Player Centric”  learning environment with consistent superior coaching, training facilities, equipment and sense of community. Parents and guardians acknowledge MAC’s commitment to providing easy to understand and accessible player programs and volunteer opportunities that are well conceived organized and supported by clear and timely communications.

Core Values: The following acronym, DEDICATE, is to remind us of the core values it takes both on and off the field to succeed, but more so to remind us of the core values that we should possess at all times while traveling on our road to reaching our goals.
Devotion, to achieving the goals we set for ourselves and to others
Enthusiasm, bringing joy, passion, and effort to all we do
Determination, to see things through even when bumps in the road occur
Integrity, holding ourselves and those around us to a high moral standard   
Care, providing compassion and service as a club and to local communities
Alliance, building healthy and strong relationships in-and-outside of the club
Together, we strive to help each other achieve personal and collective goals 
Excellence, we strive for this in everything we do both on and off the field

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